Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Boho Chic Head Scarves

I love the look of head scarves. They can add a retro boho look to everyday outfits and are a cure-all for bad hair days. I haven't been able to pull off the look myself but maybe this head scarf tutorial by the ever-stylish Keiko Lynn will help!


And here are some top head scarf picks of mine...

1. Alexander McQueen 'Skull' Chiffon Scarf $295 via Nordstrom
2. Yarnz 'Zodiac' Scarf $118 via Nordstrom
3. Trouvé 'Scribble' Scarf $45 via Nordstrom
4. Nine West Animal Print Sash Scarf $24 via Nordstrom
5. Nordstrom 'Angular Fan' Scarf $98 via Nordstrom
6. Echo 'Ultra' Floral & Python Print Scarf $42 via Nordstrom

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