Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chain Link Love

Online shopping is so much fun. In fact, it's way too much fun. Why? Because it is WAY easier to click "buy" versus pulling out your wallet and paying with actual cash money. But... that overwhelming sense of excitement you get when you arrive home to find a package sitting on your doorstep is sometimes worth it. I had some fun shopping on Etsy the other day and bought 3 new chain link bracelets. The middle one is actually two chains on one bracelet. 

Check out these Etsy sellers! They have more fab stuff :)

The Trendy Cobra Stitch Lanyard Gimp and Chain Bracelet is on the left. The Gold Chain Bracelet is shown in the middle. And Double Back and Gold Bracelet is on the right.

Which one of your favorite?


  1. I nominated you for an award! ♥

  2. Love chain link bracelets, and I have YET to purchase one!! Excited to check out these 'links'-ha!
    Happy Thursday!
    xo, Jess

  3. I really like your blog, honey! Wanna follow each other?


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