Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pink Berry

It's true- I'm in love with all things pink.
Here's just a few fun pink items for you all to enjoy. 

P.S. My boyfriend and I put an offer in on a house last night. We were up against one other person... Keep your fingers crossed that we get it!
I can barely handle the anticipation! Gagh!

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  1. Loving all of this pink!!! That collar piece is gorgeous! & I so love that Rebecca Minkoff bag! Darling finds! xo, Megs

  2. I used to hate pink when I was younger, but I'm totally on board now :-) Love that cute DSW clutch!

  3. Hi dear! Nice post :)
    There's a GIVEAWAY WITH CHANEL on my blog >>

    I'm waiting for you!! :)

  4. GOOD LUCK with the offer. Such exciting news! xo


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