Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sunnies Love

There are a few things in life that I think every girl should splurge on. These include:
High Thread Count Sheets
A Dream-Tastic Pillow
A Good Pair of Kitten Heels
A Great Piece of Jewelry You Buy Yourself
and last but not least...
"Make-You-Feel-Fabulous-Every-Time-You-Put-Them-On" Sunnies!
Some sunglasses just have the ability to transform how you feel. I can be wearing sweatpants and a tee to the grocery store but once I put on my Ray Ban Aviators, I feel pulled-together and chic. 

Check out these below picks... I think they are all fabulous head turners! 


  1. I so agree with you! I just bought #1 and LOVE them.

  2. Ooo great selection! I LOVE my aviators too!! I hope they never, never go out of style. Heck I might still wear them when they do!

  3. I LOVE the aviators! Would love a designer pair but I'm notorious for losing or sitting on sunglasses so it would be just wasted money! x

  4. Totally down with aviators! They make me feel so so cool (even if I don't feel so cool haha!)

    Check out my guest post today if interested! :) Have a lovely sunny day!

    Guest Post at Dishes Undressed

  5. I love sunglasses! You have picked some amazing pairs!

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