Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bikini Team { Part Deux}

As a follow-up from my post yesterday, I wanted to share some bikinis with you! There are two swimwear designers that I am loving at the moment: Mara Hoffman and Zimmermann. The prints and cuts are so cute.

Enjoy :)

1. Mara Hoffman Printed Bandeau Bikini $195 via http://www.net-a-port.com/
2. Mara Hoffman Printed Triangle Bikini $195 via http://www.net-a-porter.com/
3. Meadow Lace Underwire Bikini $265 via http://www.zimmermannstore.com/
4. Rebel Eyelet Underwire Bikini $230 via http://www.zimmermannstore.com/
5. Collector Printed Lace Pant Bikini $275 via http://www.zimmermannstore.com/ 
6. Bohemia Frill Bikini $205 via http://www.zimmermannstore.com/

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