Friday, May 4, 2012

MAC's New "Fashion Sets" Makeup Collection

MAC has always seemed like an iconic make-up brand to me. MAC was the first makeup store I've ever been inside of and the first one to really get me excited about makeup.

Though I don't use MAC products beyond their lipglass and eyeshadow, the new "Fashion Sets" makeup collection has me really excited. The collection is based on MAC's best-selling colors of all time. Each of the seven sets in this "best-of" collection includes lipstick, lipglass and nail lacquer. You can shop this collection starting yesterday, May 3rd, in stores & online.
This cotton candy hue is a top pick in five countries, according to MAC
This is such a classic look. This lipstick is a best-seller in five countries: Estonia, Russia, Finland, Poland and Ukraine
This dusty nude is a cult favorite in 22 countries, according to MAC
 {girl about town}
How fun is this bright pink color!? Another fan favorite
{russian red}
So vampy! Ladies in Dubai voted this classic true red as their favorite
MAC reported that this deep fuchsia berry is a favorite among New Yorkers
This dark earthy color is the number one selling lip pencil hue in the United States


  1. Very cool! Loving the "girl about town" color!


  2. Oh I love the snob colors!!!
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  5. Sweeet i love MAC xo I'm really in need of some fuchsia lipstick<3
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  6. great collections. I love MAC

  7. I love those colors.

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