Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Travel & Design

I still get all giddy when I get to stay in a hotel... Is there anything better than snuggling up under a ton of fresh sheets, ordering room service, scrutinizing the toiletries and not making the bed in the morning? I love it. 

I travel a bit for work and I travel as much as my bank account can afford. I've stayed in a myriad of hotels- some bad, some good, and some really bad. One time, I let a friend make arrangements for a hotel in Florida. It was a complete dump. The hotel owner proudly told us that every room was furnished with items from local garage sales... yeah, we got attacked by bed bugs on that trip. I've also stayed at GREAT places like the Ritz Carlton in St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. THAT was insane. I swiped the toiletries, seeing that they were nicer than the things I had back home! 

Beyond the toiletries, sometimes, I want to take a piece of the hotel home with me. Whether it is a lamp on the bedside table, the mirror in the vanity or a design element in the bar. I've traveled the internets to find some amazing design elements in some of the most beautiful hotels in the world. Enjoy the trip :)  

I stayed in the Barbie Suite on a work trip one time. The Suite is even pinker and girlier than these pictures could ever portray. It's truly fantastic!


  1. I'm in the process of redecorating my bedroom and these photos are really inspirational! The Hotel Missoni is definitely my favorite.

    Also, I'm following you too.

  2. Wow loving these hotel inspos! My fave is the Lord's Hotel! So eclectically fun!


  3. Love the pink room :) Great blog! Glad I found it! I am following you now and I would love you to follow me too!

  4. haha the barbie room is amazing I bet my little sister would go crazy if she was in that room :)

  5. i agree with you...there is nothing like a hotel!

    xoxo from nyc &

  6. omg I love it. I want to stay in the Barbie suite...........!!!!!!!!!

  7. Dibs on the Barbie Room! Just got back from vacay so I know what you mean . . .

    oxoxoxo from San FRancisco

  8. This post just made my day so much brighter...thanks lovely!!
    xo, Jessica


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