Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Setting the Mood for Romance

A bedroom should be your retreat. A little space tucked away from the world where you can relax, unwind and, if you're lucky, cuddle up with someone you love. 

Of course it should be comfy and cozy, but I also think there should be an element of romance. A bedroom should be a little sexy, right? Gotta set the mood! 

I wanted to put together a mood board for the bedroom in my new place. Am I missing anything? Do you have a "must-have" in your bedroom?

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  1. Love all your picks! I have been looking for pillows for my couch and I have been leaning towards fur!

  2. That looks ideal! Cosy and a little bit sexy definitely sounds like the perfect combination for a bedroom. I love pretty lamps too.

  3. Love the color palette in this room, and that artwork is to die for!

  4. thank you for featuring MadeByGirl! :))

  5. Love these picks! As well as the color palette! Agreed! The bedroom should be a retreat as well as being perfect for a little romance! In LOVE with that mirror... it looks like an oversized gem on a cocktail ring! GORGEOUS! xo, Megs

  6. I think its really good :) Maybe something with an item that has a splash of colour?

  7. I'm loving all these picks! That would be one sexy bedroom. ;)

  8. These are great selections. It has such a calm vibe to it! Your blog is adorable! New follower!

    Xx Kelly

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