Wednesday, June 13, 2012

For the Love of a Slurpee

Hi Friends. I have to tell you about one of my funnier moments of the day. 

So, tonight I've been busy packing everything I own into a jumbling tower of cardboard boxes. My boyfriend and I have FINALLY found a rental home. Yay! And thank gawd, cause we are leaving for vacation in Hawaii in T-Minus 6 days! ahh! 

Anyways, I packed up all my food without thinking and the only thing open at this ungodly hour is 7-11. 

Yes. I. Live. A. Glamorous. Life.

So I head over to see what kind of 5 star meal I can pick up from my local convenience store. I decide on a huge mango slurpee, a single chicken nugget and a slice of (probably 18 hour old) cheese pizza. I go to pay the cashier for my semi-ridiculous late night dinner purchase and BAM- My credit card gets declined! With a few customers piling up behind me (giggling no less) and my face getting a little redder, I asked him to try it again. 

Nope. Declined. Again. 

Sweet. My $3.98 dinner was DISSED!

So I had to walk my sorry butt back home to fetch some cash money.

And here's the worst part, my slurpee melted by the time I got home. Wahhhhh!

I made a large business-related purchase today so I guess the purchase looked fishy and the credit card company froze my card. Thanks Mastercard. 


  1. Stranger things have happened... :)
    Melted Slurpees are no fun,
    I feel for you. Cool story, enjoyed reading it.

  2. Ha, always love when they freeze your cards. That sounds like a meal of champions.

  3. 7-11 is one of my faves! so embarrassing, you poor thing1 But we've all been there. My bank once gave me a debit card to someone elses account. That was... interesting/frustrating/mortifying!

  4. Omg sweetie... you poor thing. That is such a sad story :( I see some cute blonde hollywood actress playing you in a lifetime movie of this!


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