Thursday, June 14, 2012

Home Tour Day Four: Danielle of The Everygirl.

Welcome to the fourth day of my Home Tour series. I hope you're having fun!

It's such a guilty pleasure to be able to peek behind the white picket fences of some very stylish men and women. I mean, who doesn't love a home tour. My brakes screech for open houses! 

On a creepy/funny side-note, I live in a high-rise building in downtown San Diego and recently bought myself a pair of binoculars. I take myself on creep-tastic self-guided home tours of my closest (in proximity) friends and neighbors. Yeah, I just admitted that. Don't judge. haha

So, the second to last stop on our Home Tour is the home of Jennifer, the Co-Founder of The Everygirl and Blogger at Breakfast at Toast. Jennifer's apartment in Chicago is very white (self-described) with a few neutral colors mixed in like gold, tan and grey.

Notice the Gold Athena Tray from Jayson Home in the living room... my favorite and Jennifer's too. P.S. The gold and grey dotted painting is an easy DIY. I'm thinking I'll do it! 



  1. great pics !

  2. Her home really is the best.. but I'm not sure I could keep it looking so white and pretty! My hat is off to this lady.

  3. I'm loving your blog! Um, and this house. I need to find where she go that metal shelving unit in the last picture. Perfect solutions for our lack of storage in the master bathroom.

  4. Ahh, all the whites are so soothing. I think I've seen her home before, but it's always so fun to see homes more than once. I especially love that little note pad!


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